What are your little successes

The master was full of praise. “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!” (NLT) ( Matthew 25:21 )

We hear about many instant huge success stories, but don’t be fooled. Almost always, they start out from one small success. The beauty of small is that it gives you the encouragement and one additional bit of experience to create the next small success. These successes build on top of one another and over time, gives you an advantage and skill set to do great things. Take the “small” that God has trusted you with and make it a success. Is there a big goal that you desire to tackle but just can’t seem to start? Trust in God and take the first small step with a giant leap of faith.

Goals – What are my long and short term goal

As I sat down to drink my morning coffee and try to figure out what I wanted or needed to do today I realized that I have never put my goals down on paper so to say.

Ever morning I make a list of things that need to be accomplished, and I think about the things that I would really like to do and where I am headed but I have never written them down. From what I have seen and read over the years that is a vital step in actually achieveing your goals.

I have said things like:

  • I want to learn how to fly
  • I want to buy an RV and travel.
  • I want to generate an online income that would allow me to have my dreams.

But I have never set forth any goals to reach those dreams. And what are dreams really ? I once read that goals are dreams on a timeline. We need to establish specific goals with specific timelines if we expect to achieve them.

Recently I was listening to Spencer Haws of www.nichepursuits.com as he discussed some goals with an apprentice that he was training. And he set some very specific goals for Perrin. And one of them was to establish a niche website that was earning at least $500 per month within six months.

And the end of the project, six month period, the niche website was making over $2,000 a month. I thought to myself if I can only have three of those sites, that would be $6,000 per month. That is quite a nice little sum to be earning every month in this economy.

But it was not without work, and if I remember right Perrin was still working a full time job when he took on this project. It was all done in the evenings and weekends.

Seeing how I am currently unemployed I see no reason why I can’t accomplish the same goals and more. Therefore I am setting a goal for myself to create at least one niche website and have it earning at least $500 per month but the end of 2014.

I already have one nich website and have had it for a long time but have really never put much work into it. The Affilaite Hound (www.theaffiliatehound.com) but it is only making around $5.00 per month in adsense income. So I am setting another goal to increase the income to that site as well to $500 per month by the end of the month

When are you the most creative ?

When are you the most CreativeWhen are you the most creative and full of new ideas ?

With me it is the first thing in the morning. It seems like my mind is just flowing with new ideas, new strategies. The thoughts are flowing so fast that I can hardly write them down, and most of the time I can’t get them written down.

And trying to remember everything that I thought of is almost impossible. If I ever get side track then I am done for the day. Seems like I can’t remember a think that I thought of earlier.

It is so frustrating trying to remember the niche ideas that I had, the strategies that were running through my little pee brain at 5 in the morning.

Oh and then there I am standing in the shower and here they come again, and who has something to write on in the shower. Then there is dreaded towel. There most be something in towels that just suck the creative life out of you and everything is gone again, lost to cyber space to never be regained again.

When are you the most creative ?


Around and Around and Around We Go

Do you ever fell like a dog chasing his tail or a hamster on one of those wheels where they just run and run and never get any where. Well that is how I feel this morning as I try to look at what step I have taken to become a blogger and affiliate marketer.

I opened my web browser as I always do first thing in the morning, but only after checking the weather and the news, only to discover that as typical I have the maximum number of tabs open.  And it finally hit me square in the face that I was running around in circles, jumping from one blog to another trying to catch the rabbit by the tail so to speak.

I would be reading about affiliate marketing strategies on one blog that would send me to another blog and that blog would send me to another blog and I am not getting anywhere. I never take any action, I never write any blog post, never make any money online. Years have been wasted chasing the perfect strategy, the perfect way to make money on line but never doing anything but searching. When in fact I have been reading the same strategy for years and believe that I know what to do, but never do it.

I now believe that the best way to make money online is thru affiliate marketing. Why ? Because it is low cost, you don’t have to have any of your own products and I believe that it can be done without purchasing a domain or a hosting service. Althought I have bought severval domains and have two hosting accounts, I am beginning to think that you can make money online by using the free website platforms like WordPress.org, Blogger.com,Tumblr.com, Squiddo.com.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Details; Take action today

Don't Sweat The Small StuffDo you worry about the small details and never take action ?

Well I do and have for years. I can never seem to find the right WP Theme for my sites so I never post any new content. And guess what- without content you won’ get any traffic and without traffic you won’t earn any money.

I looked at sites like:

  • www.viralnova.com
  • www,viralcharge.com
  • www.boredpanda.com
  • www.viralcircus.com

and thing about how simple they look and supposedly they are getting mega traffic and making thousands of dollars in revenue.  I have to really ask myself are the details all that important.

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How To Go Viral

how-to-go-viralI recently came across  a blog post on one of my favorite blogs Viper Chill that brought to light something that I hadn’t heard of and it appears that it is going, pardon the pun, viral. And that is the creation of Viral Content. The post was highlighting a website call Viral Nova and the success that it has had without creating any content of it;s own. I found that very appealing as I had to have to create original content, I don’t mind doing research and web searches to find great content, but I sure hate to write it. It was reported in this article that Viral Nova received 100,000,000 unique visitors in one month.

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What Motivates you to create a blog ?

motivationWhat motivates you to create a blog? Is your motivation making money, making a name for yourself, branding yourself ? No matter what your motivation is, it is motivation that gets you started, but it is habit that  keeps you going. So with that in mind it is my opinion that to have a successful blog you have to get started posting and keep posting. Keep posting quality content that that will keep your readers coming back.

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Pitfalls of a Professional Blogger

Pitfalls of a Professional BloggerWhat are some of the pitfalls of a professional blogger ?

1. Focus. If you are going to be a professional blogger you have to remained focused on what you want to accomplish. I am finding that trying to stayed focused has been very difficult. I want to be  a Professional Blogger, but staying the track has been very hard. I will read this blog or that or read this book or that and find that I have drifted off of where I really want to be. I want the focus of my blogs to be on affiliate marketing and making money online, but find myself spending more time reading and doing other things.

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Content is King

Content is KingOne thing that I am learning as I have been reading about blogging and how to get your blog ranked high in google is that Content is King. It seem like more emphasis is being place on content and not as much about keyword research. If there is I am not seeing it.

Most of what I have been reading about is that you need to post good content and a regular basis and if your content is good enough and enough readers find your site and read the content then the higher your site will rank in Google. And hopefully the higher your rank in Google the more traffic you will get and if you have monetized your site the more money you will make.

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